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Prescription Information

We dispense a wide range of NHS and Private Prescriptions at our pharmacy.


Repeat Prescriptions - We offer a FREE prescription collection service at our pharmacy where you could order your repeat medications from us and we will do the rest. Your prescriptions will be ready for collection within 72 hours of ordering! Click here to learn more about our prescription collection service.

  • Private Prescriptions - We accept private prescriptions for sexual health, travel health, veterinary prescriptions and many more! There is normally a charge for them but they are competitively priced. Please see us with your prescription for a price. 
  • Electronic Prescriptions - NHS is changing the way you collect your prescription. You can now choose which pharmacy to send your electronic prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. Click here to find out more.  

In addition to dispensing your prescriptions, we offer a FREE medication review for all our patients who have any queries with their medication and our pharmacist will ensure that you get the most out of your medication.

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