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Children's Eye Care

Vision problems for many begin at an early age. This is why we take children's eye-care very seriously at Mistry's. Early detection and treatment are essential in preventing conditions that could potentially cause problems or permanent  vision loss.

Although, there is a vision screening programme in place nationally, the quality and quantity of testing varies hugely between schools, with some not performing any at all for several years. Our experience has shown that many parents are totally unaware of this situation and therefore, wouldn't realise that their child may not have had a vision check throughout his or her time in primary school.
At Mistry's we advise all our parents to have their siblings visit us for a full eye examination before they start nursery. From then on, we would make arrangements to continue to see the child at least once a year. It vital to do this particularly as a child's eyes can change quite rapidly in the early years.
Studies have shown that good eyesight aids development, improve school work and sporting ability of a child and therefore,regular eye examinations are essential.

Eye examinations are FREE for children under the age of 16 years and where spectacles are required, we have a large selection of free NHS funded frames to choose from. 
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