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Eye Care

Your vision is precious. Just as you should consider exercise and a balanced healthy diet, regular eye care should also be part of your routine.

Regular eye tests will ensure clear and comfortable vision at all times and also offer an insight into your general health. Conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes can often be detected from an eye examination. This is why, at Mistry's, we take your eye care seriously and promise a personal service of the highest standard.

We recognise that everyone's eyesight is different and therefore, our resident optometrist will tailor the eye examination to your individual circumstances.

At the end of the consultation, our optometrist will take time to explain to you his findings and recommendations.

If spectacles or contact lenses are prescribed, our friendly staff will be at hand to help you. They will discuss the best lens options available to you for your own individual requirements and let you make a decision in your own time. If you need help in choosing frames our trained staff will be happy to guide you.

Our service doesn't end there. When collecting your spectacles or contact lenses we will ensure that they are fitting you comfortably. Any adjustments necessary will be carried out straight away to your satisfaction.

Remember, we also have a guarantee on all our spectacles for twelve months from purchase. To make your eye appointment please get in touch or call us on 0115 977 0195.

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