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Need advice on your medication ?

We offer a FREE confidential service to eligible patients who are on regular medication or have been prescribed new medication.

Medicine Use Review : MUR

This is a NHS medicine check up service, which is useful if you regularly take several prescription medicines or are on medicines for a long term illness. This confidential NHS service will help you find out more about your medicines, identify any problems you may be having with them and help you to take your medicines to best effect.

New Medicine Services : NMS

When you are prescribed a new medicine to treat a long term condition for the first time, the pharmacist will support you to use the medicine safely and to best effect.

The pharmacist will talk to you approximately two weeks after you first receive the medicine to see how you are getting on with it and to discuss any problems you may have. A second follow up will be a month after you first received the medication. The service is only available to people using certain medicines; our pharmacist will give you details and offer this FREE NHS service, if this is available for you.

The checks are private and confidential done in a private consultation room.  A full report will be produced with any recommendations for yourself and a copy will be sent to your GP for consideration.
Book an appointment with Mistry's Pharmacy using SetMore
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