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Weight Management Service

Our pharmacy offers a holistic approach to help and support for your weight loss and keep it off! 
See our trained staff for a FREE weight management programme when you purchase either Alli® or Celebrity slim®.

Weight management service

1 in 4 adults and children are obese and this leads to risks of developing premature diabetes, high blood pressure and cardio vascular disease.  By losing only 10% of your weight and body mass index you dramatically reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 50% and reduce the blood pressure by 10mmHg.

Products Available in Store Today

Alli® are capsules taken three times a day with meals containing fats.  It prevents 25% of the dietary fat from being absorbed and so help to reduce weight.  It is claimed to increase your weight loss by 50% more than diet alone.  Our FREE weight management programme ensures it is sold to the right person with a BMI of 28 and over.

CelebritySlim® is an award winning Australian product launched in UK.  It is a high protein low carbohydrate (25%) meal replacement programme replacing two of your meals - breakfast and say lunch.  The main meal would be what you normally eat with healthy portions of protein, fibre and fat, but without any carbohydrate.  In between meals you are encouraged to eat fruit and drink plenty of water.  Finally, when you have got to your ideal weight you can come off Celebrity Slim and still maintain your new reduced weight provided you continue to eat healthy with reduced portion size and of course, exercise

Calculate your body mass index to find out if you are a healthy weight.

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