FAQ - Repeat Prescriptions

How do I register for this FREE prescription collection service ?

Click here to register for free with our pharmacy today!
If you have any queries before signing up to our free prescription collection service, feel free to pop by our pharmacy branches (Top Valley or SAFFA Southglade health centre) or contact us.

What happens next after registration?

After registration, fill in the order form and your prescription will be collected for you from the surgery!
Your items will be ready for collection within 72 hours of processing!

How do I order my repeat prescriptions?

There are THREE options to choose from when you order your next prescription :
  1. Order your prescription from your surgery as normal and contact us to pick it up for you from the surgery.
  2. Mark the items required on your copy of repeat prescription and leave it with us. We will order and pick it up for you from the surgery.
  3. Leave your copies of repeat prescription with us and order your repeat prescription online using the order form or just simply call us to order your repeat prescriptions.

I have already registered with the pharmacy for the FREE prescription collection service. Do I have to fill in the registration form?

No. You do not have to. Simply click on the order form to place your orders. 

What are the advantages of signing up to our FREE prescription collection service?

This service is completely free available to all ages!  If in case you ever run out of your medication, we will be able to give you some on emergency supply as we would have your medical records with us on our system.  If you need special requirements, our pharmacist will be happy to discuss it with you. 
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